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  1. Les premières castrations furent incontestablement celles d’Osiris par son frère Seth et d’Uranus par son fils Cronos. Les Egyptiens pratiquaient la castration comme punitions des adultères. Les Hébreux l’abom...

    Authors: Georges Androutsos and Spyros Marketos
    Citation: Andrologie 1993 3:BF03034611
  2. La chronicisation de la douleur peut apparaître comme une énigme, puisqu’elle peut persister après un traitement somatique efficace.

    Authors: Robert Gellman and Claire Gellman-Baroux
    Citation: Andrologie 1993 3:BF03034607
  3. L’analyse de 1132 tentatives de FIV montre comment le taux de récolte détermine la fiabilité de l’estimation de l’échec de fécondation. L’étude de 64 couples ayant réalisé plusieurs tentatives dont une au moin...

    Authors: Colette Gerday, Caroline Juan, Michel Dubois and André Demoulin
    Citation: Andrologie 1993 3:BF03034606
  4. La situation de la fécondation assistée avec sperme épididymaire est revue dans son ensemble. Les indications ainsi que les techniques de prélevement sont détaillées. Une revue la plus complète possible des ré...

    Authors: R. Schoysman, L. Segal, P. Van Der Zwalmen, M. Nijs and G. Bertin
    Citation: Andrologie 1993 3:BF03034605
  5. With the exception of forensic medicine and psychiatry, medicine has not historically been substantially influenced by sexology. After Freud and psychoanalysis grappled with sexual facts, a sociological phase ...

    Authors: Robert Gellman and Claire Gellman-Baroux
    Citation: Andrologie 1992 2:BF03034594
  6. The erectile phenomenon is scientifically described since the early 19 th century. During the last 10 years, new methodologies in experimental and clinical approaches added further details to our knowledge on ...

    Authors: C. G. Stief
    Citation: Andrologie 1992 2:BF03034592
  7. Sub-zonal insemination (SUZI) was evaluated, in a randomized prospective study, as a treatment for certain specific types of male factor infertility. Patients were classified according to the results of an ext...

    Authors: Jean-Philippe Wolf, Jean-Marie Kunztmann, Danielle Feneux, André Hazout, Medhat Amer, René Frydman and Pierre Jouannet
    Citation: Andrologie 1992 2:BF03034588
  8. Surgical recovery of spermatozoa from the vas deferens is a simple and reproductible treatment for men with ejaculatory failure. After washing on a Percoll gradient spermatozoa can be used for in vitro fertili...

    Authors: F. Bladou, D. Ayuso, D. Rossi and G. Serment
    Citation: Andrologie 1992 2:BF03034586
  9. Human seminal plasma glycerylphosphorylcholine (GPC), glycerylphosphorylethanolamine (GPE), citric acid (Cit) and lactic acid (Lac) were analzed by measuring the peak area of proton nuclear magnetic resonance ...

    Authors: S. Hamamah, F. Seguin, C. Barthélémy, A. Fignon, S. Akoba, A. Lepape, J. Lansac and D. Royère
    Citation: Andrologie 1992 2:BF03034585
  10. Between February 1989 and March 1991, eight patients (mean age 32 years) presenting with azoospermia or severe oligozoospermia underwent a testicular biopsy to investigate their secretory or excretory origin. ...

    Authors: D. Delavierre, G. Fournier, A. Volant, P. Philippe and Ph. Mangin
    Citation: Andrologie 1992 2:BF03034584
  11. Although LH undoubtedly remains the major factor controlling testicular androgen production, there is increasing evidence for the existence of a complex network of paracrine and autocrine intratesticular facto...

    Authors: G. Verhoeven
    Citation: Andrologie 1992 2:BF03034583
  12. Erection and ejaculation can be induced by two forms of stimulation. The first is mechanical: touching of the penis, scrotum and anus stimulates the pudendal nerves and a reflex erection appears via the parasy...

    Authors: C. Czyba-Gaultier, K. Charvier and A. Leriche
    Citation: Andrologie 1992 2:BF03034690
  13. Local mechanisms causing penile erection and detumescence result from variation in tone of vascular and trabecular smooth muscles and in a lesser part of striated muscles around the crura penis. All these even...

    Authors: F. Giuliano, O. Rampin, G. Benoît and A. Jardin
    Citation: Andrologie 1992 2:BF03034689
  14. The molecular analysis of clinical syndromes involving androgen insensitivity has been facilitated by the availability of increasingly powerful molecular biological techniques. Complementary DNA of the androge...

    Authors: Charles Sultan, Jean -Marc Lobaccaro, Serge Lumbroso, Charles Belon and Françoise Audran
    Citation: Andrologie 1992 2:BF03034686
  15. Following overviews of the structure of DNA, the organization of the human genome, and a description of the process of gene transcription, the second part of this review considers the principal molecular biolo...

    Authors: Jean -Marc Lobaccaro, Serge Lumbroso and Charles Sultan
    Citation: Andrologie 1992 2:BF03034685
  16. A litterature review reports the spermatotoxicity of the different antineoplasic therapies. Recovery of spermatogenesis after completion of most toxic treatments and its delay are individually unforeseen. Preg...

    Authors: Françoise Grob-Menendez and Dominique Marmor
    Citation: Andrologie 1992 2:BF03034683
  17. The basis of cognitive therapy is an analysis of the way an individual thinks and perceives in order to analyse what will affect his feelings and behavior. The patterns of thoughts will determine in which way ...

    Authors: M. Bonierbale
    Citation: Andrologie 1992 2:BF03034226
  18. Numerous animal studies have shown that elevated testicular, scrotal or ambient temperature induces alterations in spermatogenesis that reduce fertility. In this study, fertilization rate and embryonic mortali...

    Authors: R. Mieusset, P. L. Quintana Casares, L. G. Sanchez Partida, S. F. Sowerbutts, J. L. Zupp and B. P. Setchell
    Citation: Andrologie 1992 2:BF03034219
  19. Although the existence of heat exchange between the testicular artery and the adjacent veins is well known, it may be insufficient to maintain the lower temperature of the testis. In order to investigate the r...

    Authors: F. Becmeur, B. Bothorel, A. Clavert and V. Candas
    Citation: Andrologie 1992 2:BF03034215

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