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  1. The considerable development over the past few years of the infertility investigation of the couple and of the assisted reproductive technics implies that the laboratories of biology of reproduction receive nu...

    Authors: J. C. Czyba

    Citation: Andrologie 1991 1:BF03035088

    Content type: Psycho-Sociologie

    Published on:

  2. Significant advances have been achieved in testicular cancer treatment for the last 15 years. Almost 100% of the non seminomatous tumors seen at the precocious stages I and II are cured because of the efficacy...

    Authors: Marcel Krulik

    Citation: Andrologie 1991 1:BF03035087

    Content type: Urologie

    Published on:

  3. Several proteins have been determined in human seminal plasma in order to study male infertilities more accurately. Some of them, as androgen binding protein, somatomedine C, epidermal growth factor, plasminog...

    Authors: C. B. Barthelemy

    Citation: Andrologie 1991 1:BF03035077

    Content type: Fertilite

    Published on:

  4. Serum inhibin, gonadal steroids and gonadotropins have been estimated in 51 patients with either a varicocele, other testis pathologies or normal sperm, and have been compared with the sperm parameters. No sig...

    Authors: A. Demoulin, M. R. Pignon, D. Gillain, A. Bauduin and L. Paillet

    Citation: Andrologie 1991 1:17

    Content type: Fertilite

    Published on:

  5. In males, the endocrine and exocrine functions of testes alterate with aging. Though in males, there is not a sudden and definitive interruption of reproduction function, as at menopause in females, spermatoge...

    Authors: Michel Pugeat, Henri Dechaud and Hervé Lejeune

    Citation: Andrologie 1991 1:5

    Content type: Endocrinologie

    Published on:

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