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Featured blog: Vasalgel™ as a promising new male contraceptive – you asked, we answered

Call for Papers: New thematic series on "Advancements in Male Contraception"

New Content Item ©  © Flickr: Zappy’s Technology Solutions. Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0)Male hormonal contraception has been an active area of research for almost 50 years. However, at present, there is still a gap in contraceptive options for couples, and more particularly, effective reversible contraceptives for men. 

This article collection further explores the most recent research documenting the advancements in male contraception.

Submission is open to everyone.

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Aims and scope

Basic and Clinical Andrology is an open access journal within the domain of andrology, covering all aspects of male reproductive and sexual health in humans and animal models. The journal aims to bring to light the various clinical advancements and research developments in andrology from the international community. 

Basic and Clinical Andrology is a continuation of the French journal Andrologie and is the official journal of the French Society of Andrology (SALF). As an open-access journal, Basic and Clinical Andrology can ensure wide distribution and increased visibility of authors’ work. 


Basic and Clinical Andrology is the official journal of French Society of Andrology (SALF).