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  • Human spermatozoa in assisted reproduction A. A. Acosta, R. J. Swanson, S.B. Ackerman, T.F. Kruger, J.A. van Zyl, R. Menkve D. Williams & Wilkins, 1993, 390 pages

  • Spermatology Atlas and Manual by Gerd Ludwi-Julian Frick.Springer-Verlag, 1993, 160 pages

  • Pratical laboratory andrology David Mortimer Oxford University Press, 1993, 400 pages.

  • Management and biology of carcinoma in-situ and cancer of the testis N. SkakkebÆK. KM. Grigor, A. Giwercman et M. Rorth.Editions Karger, 1993, 256 pages

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