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Table 7 Polymorphisms in TEX genes associated with azoospermia and/or infertility, according to the literature

From: Human testis-expressed (TEX) genes: a review focused on spermatogenesis and male fertility

SNP ID Study TEX gene Nucleotide change (according to transcript variant 1) Protein change Gnomad ( frequency in the general population Significantly associated with male infertility Population
rs6525433 Zhang et al., 2015 [60] TEX11 c.389A > G p.Lys130Arg 0.125 Yes Chinese
rs4844247 c.1351G > A p.Glu451Lys 0.103 No
Association    Yes
rs323344 Aston et al., 2010 [16] TEX15 c.5158 T > G p.Leu1720Val 0.148 No Caucasian
rs323345 c.5081A > G p.Asn1694Ser 0.168 No
rs323347 Ruan et al., 2012 [22] c.1459 T > C p.Cys487Arg 0.255 Yes Chinese
rs323346 c.4252A > G p.Ile1418Val 0.251 Yes
Zhang et al., 2010 [60] No