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Table 3 Correlations between sperm DNA damage and sperm characteristics

From: Can the SCD test and terminal uridine nick-end labeling by flow cytometry technique (TUNEL/FCM) be used interchangeably to measure sperm DNA damage in routine laboratory practice?

Sperm characteristics (N = 25)SCDTUNEL
Total sperm number0.126150.5479−0.003850.9854
Sperm concentration0.061930.7687−0.057320.7855
Progressive motility−0.447950.0247−0.474890.0164
Total motility−0.603120.0014−0.649340.0004
Sperm morphology after sperm preparation−0.313320.1272−0.352960.0835
Initial sperm morphology−0.420400.0364−0.573240.0027
Initial sperm vitality−0.431000.0315−0.437930.0286
  1. aSCC Spearman Correlation Coefficient