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Table 2 Scrotal ultrasonography

From: Leydig cell tumor of the testis with azoospermia and elevated delta4 androstenedione: case report

  2009 2014 before surgery 3 months after surgery
Right testis Normal in size and echotexture, without focal lesion; normal epididymides; no varicocele; normal vasculature at Doppler examination Normal echotexture Volume 8.5 mL Normal echotexture
Volume 15.7 mL
Left testis Presence of a 30 × 16 mm polylobulated intratesticular mass, with low echogenicity, numerous septa, and high vasculature at Doppler examination Low echogenicity intratesticular lobulated mass, with heterogeneous echotexture, low echogenicity, measuring 32 × 31 × 23 mm, with slight vasculature at Doppler examination Rearranged aspect secondary to surgery
Volume 12 mL