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Fig. 4

From: Ultrastructural localization and distribution of Nardilysin in mammalian male germ cells

Fig. 4

Immunogold electron micrographs of Nardilysin in the caput epididymis of mutant mouse (ebo/ebo) spermatozoa. a Longitudinal section of an abnormal midpiece showing the misorganization of the mitochondria (M) and the disrupted axoneme (Ax). Gold particles are present on the microtubules of the axoneme (arrows) (X 26 500). b Cross section of a flagellar loop, demonstrating numerous cross section of the axoneme in a common cytoplasm. The gold particles underline the microtubules doublets in and out of the axoneme (arrows). Mitochondria (M) (X 26 500). c High magnification of a cross section of the flagellum of picture B (noted by asterisk). The ODF are well noticed, whereas the microtubules and the immunolabelling are absent (X 85 500). d In cross section of the flagella, the gold particles are only present over the microtubules, inside (arrow) or outside (double arrowhead). (X 63 000)

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