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Figure 1

From: Impact of Y chromosome AZFc subdeletion shows lower risk of fertility impairment in Siddi tribal men, Western Ghats, India

Figure 1

Map of the AZFc region. The AZFc subdeletions pattern in Y chromosome: (A) Schematic illustrating the palindromes and amplicons in the AZFc region. Locations of different STS markers that are employed to screen the subdeletions are indicated below the ampliconic bar, where the colour boxes depict the protein encoding genes in the AZFc region (gene names are presented inside the colour box). The AZFc subdeletion patterns for (B) b2/b3 deletion (blue arch in (A) indicates the b2/b3 deletion due to homologous recombination between the amplicons), (C) b1/b3 subdeletion and (D) gr/gr deletion with g1/g2, r1/r3 and r2/r4 that removes different set of genes are indicated with open bar.

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