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Aspects psycho-sociaux de la sterilité masculine en Tunisie

Psycho-sociological aspects of male infertility in Tunisia


A sample of 22 consultants for sterility has been studied. Sterility is badly accepted; it is felt as a narcissic wound, keeping on a depressive mood, with loss of the spirit of initiative. The multiplication of examinations and visits to doctors is a current consequence inspite of the results of complementary examinations. The means of reparation and compensation are very much restricted. Insemination is refused in 77% of the cases. Adoption causes many cultural problems. For the majority of consultants resorting to religion results in resignation more than acceptation

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Présenté au 8ème congrès de la SALF Sousse, 6–8 septembre 1990.

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Skhiri, T., Gaha, L. & Nasr, M. Aspects psycho-sociaux de la sterilité masculine en Tunisie. Androl. 1, 40–41 (1991).

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