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Many thanks to all those who reviewed for Basic and Clinical Andrology in 2016

The Editors and staff of Basic and Clinical Andrology would like to warmly thank the reviewers whose comments helped to shape the journal, for their invaluable assistance with review of manuscripts in Volume 26 (2016).

Alcina Nicol, Brazil

John Schjenken, Australia

Ana Galhardo, Portugal

Joseph Politch, USA

Antoine Bennet, France

Laura Lucchetti, Italy

Bruno Jorge Pereira, Portugal

Masood Abu-Halima, Germany

Celia Ravel, France

Nafisa Balasinor, India

Clement Jimenez, France

Nelly Swierkowski Blanchard, France

Csilla Krausz, Italy

Nicolas Thiounn, France

Daniela Fietz, Germany

Patricia Fauque, France

Diane M Harper, USA

Patrick Thonneau, France

Eberhard Nieschlag, Germany

Peter Schlegel, USA

Edson Borges Jr, Brazil

Ranjith Ramasamy, USA

Eric Huyghe, France

Rives Nathalie, France

Florence Boitrelle, France

Robert Mclachlan, Australia

Geoffry De Iuliis, Australia

Rodolfo Rey, Argentina

George Anifandis, Greece

Safouane Hamdi, France

Giovanni Corona, Italy

Sheena Lewis, UK

Hans-Gert Bernstein, Germany

Stephan Schlatt, Germany

Hervé Lejeune, France

Steven M Schrader, USA

Ilpo Huhtaniemi, UK

Sylviane Hennebicq, France

Jaime Gosálvez, Spain

W. Steven Ward, USA

Jason Kovac, USA

Waleed Shabana, Egypt

Joel Drevet, France


Basic and Clinical Andrology is the official journal of the French Society of Andrology (SALF).

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