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Table 3 Modeling the evolution of Sertoli cell AR ir (Immunoreactivity), AMH ir and Cx43 ir, onset of a lumen in seminiferous tubules, presence of maturing germ cells, seminiferous cord/tubule diameter and S/T score. This model could determmine ARir, AMH ir and CX ir kinetics during puberty. The age of transition from prepubertal to pubertal was estimated by the point of inflexion of the sigmoid curve modeling the evolution of Sertoli cell AR ir, AMH ir and Cx43 ir

From: Effect of androgens on Sertoli cell maturation in human testis from birth to puberty

  Age of the boy with the earliest pubertal value/feature Age at the inflexion point of the sygmoid curve Age of the boy with the latest prepubertal value/feature
(Years) (Years) (Years)
AR ir 4.6 9.88 10.8
AMH ir 9.2 9.93 10.2
Cx43 ir 11.2 11.25 12.1
Lumen 10.8 11.42 13.8
Maturing Germ Cells 11.2 12 12.5
Cord/Tub. Diameter 11.4 12.75 13.8
S/T Score 12.1 13.5 13.8
  1. - Cord/Tub diameter: - mean tubular diameter (cord/tubular diameter)
  2. - S/T score: number of spermatogonia per seminiferous cord/tubule transverse section
  3. - maturing germ cell: tubules with advanced germ cell