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Table 3 Comparison of percentage of Fe3+ distribution between groups

From: Is ferroptosis involved in ROS-induced testicular lesions in a varicocele rat model?

Fe3+ distribution (%)
Group Control(2 M) Sham (2 M) V.I (2 M) Control
(4 M)
Sham (4 M) V.I-ALA - V.I-ALA+
Mean ± SEM 9.72 ± 0.24a 8.90 ± 0.12b 37.15 ± 0.57ab 9.56 ± 0.26c 9.48 ± 0.28d 52.65 ± 1.47 cd 14.96 ± 0.24 cd
  1. There is a significant increase in Fe3+ accumulation in the 2 M varicocele group compared to the 2 M control and sham groups. Fe3+ accumulation decreased significantly in the V.I-ALA+ group compared to the V.I-ALA, 4 M control and sham groups. ALA Alpha lipoic acid, M: month post-surgery or varicocele induction (V.I), V.I-ALA+: varicocele rats treated with ALA+ for 2 to 4 months post induction of varicocele, V.I-ALA: varicocele rats treated with water as solvent of ALA for 2 to 4 months post induction of varicocele. Statistical analysis (one way ANOVA) for 4 M and for each parameter was carried out between groups and the groups which showed significant different (p-Value < 0.05) were defined by common alphabetic letters