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Table 1 Study characteristics

From: The effects of varicocelectomy on the DNA fragmentation index and other sperm parameters: a meta-analysis

Reference Design Population (N) Age range (years) Age mean Age median Intervention Follow up month after surgery Outcome
DFI assay Sperm concentration Total sperm motility Progressive sperm motility Sperm morphology
Abdelbaki et al. [19]. Prospective 55 23–41 33 Inguinal varicocelectomy with loupe 3–6 months SCSA Yes Yes Yes Yes
Alhathal et al. [20]. Prospective 29 Subinguinal microsurgical varicocelectomy 6 months SCSA Yes No Yes No
Ghazi et al. [21]. Prospective 82 20–51 35.6 Microsurgical varicocelectomy 6 months TUNEL Yes Yes Yes Yes
La Vignera et al. [22]. Prospective 30 20–32 26.5 Subinguinal microsurgical varicocelectomy 4 months TUNEL Yes No Yes Yes
Li et al. [23]. Prospective 19 15–42 33.1 Subinguinal microsurgical varicocelectomy 3 months SCSA Yes No Yes Yes
Zini et al. [24]. Prospective 25 Microsurgical varicocelectomy 4 months SCSA Yes No Yes No
Smit et al. [25]. Prospective 49 34 ± 6.9 34 ± 6.9 Left high inguinal spermatic vein ligation and microsurgical varicocelectomy 3 months SCSA Yes No Yes Yes
  1. SCSA Sperm chromatin structure assay; TUNEL: TdT-mediated-dUTP nick end labeling