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Table 6 Correlation analyses between sperm nuclear condensation/compaction tests and conventional semen evaluation parameters

From: Could high DNA stainability (HDS) be a valuable indicator of sperm nuclear integrity?

Parameters (N = 100) AB (%) TB (%) CMA3 (%)
Semen volume (ml) 0.02 −0.01 0.06
Sperm concentration (106/ml) −0.36a −0.1 −0.3a
Sperm abnormal morphology (%) 0.36a 0.30a 0.23b
Sperm abnormal head morphology (%) 0.36a 0.28a 0.23b
Total motility (%) −0.13 0.00 −0.20b
  1. AB Aniline blue, TB Toluidine blue, CMA3 Chromomycine A3
  2. a Correlation is significant at the 0.01 level (2-tailed)
  3. b Correlation is significant at the 0.05 level (2-tailed)