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Table 2 Description of the details and the quality of the references included

From: Hard flaccid syndrome: state of current knowledge

AuthorsReference typeQuality assessmentAspects discussed
Gul, 2019 [4]Qualitative study utilizing thematic analysis of 152 online discussions from internet forumsData limited to English literature
Selection bias of internet users
Initial event
Management strategies
Physiopathology diagram
Yachia, 2019 [6]Comment on article Differential diagnosis
Relation to chronic pelvis pain syndrome
Gul, 2019 [1]4 case series Symptoms
Pathophysiological mechanisms
Gul, 2019 [3]2 case series Symptoms
Hughes, 2019 [7]Academic web page: Urology newsHONcode seal: negative
JAMA benchmarks: 4
DISCERN score: 63
Clinical signs and symptoms
Bond, 2019 [8]Commercial web page: Pegasus Gym BlogHONcode seal: negative
JAMA benchmarks: 2
DISCERN score: 46
Clinical presentation
Physiopathology diagram
Harville, 2018 [2]Health professional web page: Entropy BlogHONcode seal: negative
JAMA benchmarks: 4
DISCERN score: 49
Clinical symptoms
Pathophysiological mechanisms
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