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Table 1 Evaluation of the quality of the websites included

From: Hard flaccid syndrome: state of current knowledge

Urology newsPEGymEntropy
HON codeSealNoNoNo
JAMA benchmarksAuthorship111
DISCERN instrumentAre the aims clear?535
Does it achieve its aims?535
Is it relevant?555
Is it clear what sources of information were used to compile the publication (other than the author or producer)?555
Is it clear when the information used or reported in the publication was produced?555
Is it balanced and unbiased?533
Does it provide details of additional sources of support and information?151
Does it refer to areas of uncertainty?551
Does it describe how each treatment works?535
Does it describe the benefits of each treatment?535
Does it describe the risks of each treatment?111
Does it describe what would happen if no treatment is used?111
Does it describe how the treatment choices affect overall quality of life?513
Is it clear that there may be more than one possible treatment choice?511
Does it provide support for shared decision-making?111
Based on the answers to all of the above questions, rate the overall quality of the publication as a source of information about treatment choices412
  1. HON Health on the Net; JAMA Journal of the American Medical Association