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Table 2 Assessment of reliability of DNA damage (in percentages)

From: Can the SCD test and terminal uridine nick-end labeling by flow cytometry technique (TUNEL/FCM) be used interchangeably to measure sperm DNA damage in routine laboratory practice?

Reliability analysisEffectNMean difference (SE)p-value*ICCa
Within SCDReading200− 0.205 (0.70)0.39750.96632
Reader1000.816 (1.25)0.82130.94680
Slide50−1.142 (1.08)0.51950.98251
Between SCD and TUNELTechnique50−3.392 (1.45)0.01270.93834
  1. Reliability analysis within SCD test and inter-method reliability between the SCD test and the TUNEL assay
  2. *p-value of the signed-rank test
  3. aICC Intraclass Correlation Coefficient