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Table 1 Patients and semen characteristics

From: Can the SCD test and terminal uridine nick-end labeling by flow cytometry technique (TUNEL/FCM) be used interchangeably to measure sperm DNA damage in routine laboratory practice?

VariableNMeanMedianStd DevaMinimumMaximumLower QuartileUpper Quartile
Age (years)2538.6038.06.0630.
Sperm concentration (million/mL)25110.0480.0102.2415.0432.041.0150.0
Total sperm number (million)25395.39243.6379.8557.51530.0161.5567.3
Progressive motility (%)2539.4040.014.3313.
Total motility (%)2547.9250.014.3323.
Initial vitality (%)2574.5674.09.4753.
Initial normal sperm morphology (%)2515.7016.08.481.
Normal sperm morphology after sperm preparation (%)2524.3925.011.562.
  1. aStd Dev: Standard deviation. Sperm motility was analyzed by measurements of progressive motility and total motility as it is mentioned in WHO’s guidelines