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Table 3 LncNRAs downregulated in HIR testes and stimulated after GnRHa treatment

From: Testicular expression of long non–coding RNAs is affected by curative GnRHa treatment of cryptorchidism

lincRNA (RPKM)before GnRHa
Median MAD
after GnRHa
Median MAD
LINC009220.10 0.070.85 0.401.410.020.04
LINC002210.27 0.071.12 0.421.230.010.03
LINC012490.15 0.080.92 0.561.380.0030.01
LINC007010.11 0.060.72 0.481.280.00090.003
HOTAIR0.13 0.091.04 0.871.140.010.03
DLX6-AS10.20 0.061.13 0.812.021.55E-050.0002
LINC014460.31 0.081.49 0.821.140.00070.003
  1. The log-fold changes (FC), p-value, false discovery rate (FDR), median expression values in reads per kilobase per million (RPKM) (Median), and the median absolute deviation (MAD) for LINC samples before and after GnRHa treatment are shown