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Table 1 Excluded articles with detailed reasons of exclusion

From: Sleep related painful erection: an algorithm for evaluation and management

Article titleFirst authorExclusion reasons
1. REM sleep parasomnias [8].Schenck CHIrrelevant subject
2. Cardiac autonomic nervous activity in sleep-related painful erections [9].Ferini-Strambi LInformation already retrieved from the meta-analysis article written by Vreugdenhil S et al. in 2018
3. Sexual dysfunction in men with multiple sclerosis--a comprehensive pilot-study into etiology [10].Lottman PEIrrelevant subject
4. [Painful erections related to sleeping] [11].Menéndez López VArticle in Spanish
5. Sleep-related painful erection is associated with neurovascular compression of basal forebrain [12].Szücs AInformation already retrieved from an article written by Karsenty G et al. in 2005
6. Neurological aspects of some sleep disorders [13].Szúcs A.Irrelevant subject
7. Radical prostatectomy and quality of life among African Americans [14].Ukoli FAIrrelevant subject
8. Subjective symptoms, sleeping problems, and cognitive performance in subjects living near mobile phone base stations [15].Hutter HPIrrelevant subject
9. Epithelioid haemangioma: a rare cause of painful erections and sleep deprivation [16].Lucky MAIrrelevant subject
10. Prevention of recurrent ischemic priapism with ketoconazole: evolution of a treatment protocol and patient outcomes [17].Hoeh MPIrrelevant subject
11. Sleep-related painful erections in an elderly man successfully treated using clonazepam [18].Kuhadiya NDWe already know from all previous literature before 2104 that SRPE can be treated successfully with clonazepam.
12. [Diagnosis and management of sleep-related painful erections:A report of 9 cases] [19].Hu HBArticle in Chinese
13. [Considerations on priapism] [20].Bai WJIrrelevant subject
14. Improvement of Erection Related Incision Pain in Circumcision Patients using Interrupted Rapid Eye Movement Sleep: A Randomized Controlled Study [21].Dai AJIrrelevant subject
15. Microcurrent as an adjunct therapy to accelerate chronic wound healing and reduce patient pain [22].Nair HKRIrrelevant subject
16. Sleep-related painful erection in a patient with obstructive sleep apnea syndrome [23].Zhang JCase report showing association between SRPE and OSAS that was already stated by Ferré et al. in 2012