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Table 2 Categorization of POIS Criterion 1 clusters [2]

From: Post orgasmic illness syndrome: what do we know till now?

Cluster 1 Extreme fatigue, exhausted, palpitations, problems finding words, incoherent speech, dysarthria, concentration difficulties, quickly irritated, cannot stand noise, photophobia, depressed mood. General
Cluster 2 Feverish, extreme warmth, perspiration, shivery, ill with flu, feeling sick, feeling cold. Flu-like
Cluster 3 Headache, foggy feeling in the head, heavy feeling in the head Head
Cluster 4 Burning, red injected eyes, blurred vision, watery, irritating, itching eyes, painful eyes. Eyes
Cluster 5 Congested nose, watery, runny nose, sneezing. Nose
Cluster 6 Dirty taste in mouth, dry mouth, sore throat, tickling cough, hoarse voice Throat
Cluster 7 Muscle tension in back or neck, muscle weakness, pain muscles, heavy legs, stiff muscles Muscle