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Table 1 Preliminary diagnostic criteria of POIS [2]

From: Post orgasmic illness syndrome: what do we know till now?



Criterion 1

One or more of the following symptoms:

Sensation of a flu-like state, extreme fatigue or exhaustion, weakness of musculature, experiences of feverishness or perspiration, mood disturbances and/or irritability, memory difficulties, concentration problems, incoherent speech, congestion of nose or watery nose, itching eyes.

Criterion 2

All symptoms occur immediately, soon (e.g., seconds, minutes) or few hours after ejaculation that is initiated by coitus, and/or masturbation, and/or spontaneously (e.g., during sleep).

Criterion 3

Symptoms occur always or nearly always, e.g., in more than 90% of ejaculation events.

Criterion 4

Most of these symptoms last for about 2 to 7 days.

Criterion 5

The symptoms disappear spontaneously.