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Table 2 Differential expression of male specific Y-chromosomal (MSY) genes in Ad- versus Ad+ and in the GnRHa treated versus untreated Ad- groups (GnRHa/untreated). Genes are ordered according to their location on the Y chromosome. Increased or decreased gene expression is displayed in red or blue values, respectively. The table contains information on the location of the gene in the MSY region colored as described in Table 1, the log-transformed fold change (log FCAd−/Ad+), false discovery rate (FDRAd−/Ad+), median expression values in reads per kilobase per million (RPKM) (MedianAd-; MedianAd+), and the median absolute deviation (MADAd-; MADAd+) for Ad- and Ad+ samples. A similar nomenclature is applied for comparison of Ad- samples before and after treatment (GnRHa/untreated). Values showing differences that are not significant (n.s.) or not determined (n.d.) are indicated. Earlier reported genes are listed with the corresponding reference

From: Genes located in Y-chromosomal regions important for male fertility show altered transcript levels in cryptorchidism and respond to curative hormone treatment