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Fig. 2

From: Genes located in Y-chromosomal regions important for male fertility show altered transcript levels in cryptorchidism and respond to curative hormone treatment

Fig. 2

Illustration of Y-chromosomal differential gene expression in Ad- versus Ad+ testis and Ad- testis before and after GnRHa treatment. Features of the Y-chromosome are represented as colored blocks and include the pseudo-autosomal region (blue), heterochromatic (dotted blue), X-degenerate (green), ampliconic (yellow) and X-transposed (red) regions. The upper half of the Y-chromosome shows differentially expressed genes observed in Ad- testes and the lower half differentially expressed genes in GnRHa testes. Genes for which we measured increased or decreased mRNA levels are given in blue or red, respectively. Azoospermia factor regions (AZFa-c) and gonadoblastoma locus on Y chromosome (GBY) are indicated

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