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Table 1 A summary of penile lymphangioma cases reported in the literature

From: Penile Lymphangioma: review of the literature with a case presentation

Author Diagnosis Age of Onset Causes/Comorbidities Location Treatment Outcome
Present case Acquired 30 years old with 21-year history Skin of penis caught in zipper when patient was 9 years old Asymptomatic bumps circumferentially around distal shaft of penis Surgical resection No pain, erythema or discharge found at 1 month follow-up
Gupta S et al. [11] Acquired 20 years old Recurrent swelling with multiple, minute, papulo-vesicular lesions in right foot and leg from age of 3–4 months Asymptomatic papular lesions on penis and scrotum present for 2–3 months Simple electrofulguration of visible papulo-vesicles on penis
Acquired 35 years old with 20-year history Papular lesions and gradual swelling of scrotum and penis (shaft, frenulum and around external urethral meatus) No intervention
S Adikari et al. [10] Acquired 47 years old with 25-year history Misdiagnosed as genital warts, treated for gonorrhea 5 years after Smooth to palpation, wart-like lesion on dorsal aspect of penis, otherwise asymptomatic Surgical excision Successful with no sign of reccurrence
D. M. Piernick 2nd et al. [8] Acquired 48 years old with 5-year history Hidradenitis suppurativa of buttocks, gluteal cleft and perineal area Asymptomatic, multiple semitranslucent skin colored papules coalescing into plaques on penile shaft, scrotum and perineum None
Errichetti et al. [4] Acquired 61 years old with 1-year history Severe phimosis Constricting phimotic ring and considerable edema of glans and distal foreskin with several translucent preputial papulovesicles (some slightly hyperkeratotic) localized close to balanopreputial sulcus None - patient was waiting for surgery to correct phimosis – no follow-up information was provided
Zhang et al. [6] Acquired 8 years old with 2-week history Surgery to correct phimosis Asymptomatic, multiple small vesicular lesions on glans “watch and wait” policy Lesions resolved in 3 weeks
Dehner LP. et al. [21] Acquired 39 years old with 6-week history Shaft, dorsum of penis Surgical excision Successful with no sign of recurrence
Ferris et al. [2] Acquired 35 years old with 30-year history Measles? Circumcision? Pneumonia? All illnesses exacerbated condition Lesions on foreskin of penis, scrotum and adjacent areas of the thigh and perineum Surgical excision with skin graft Successful with no sign of recurrence
Hagiwara et al. [9] Acquired 65 years old with 18-year history Filariasis Scrotum, extending to foreskin Surgical excision and skin grafting Successful with no sign of recurrence - transient penile edema present for few weeks
Sadikoglu et al. [5] Acquired (inferred) 15 years old with 3-year history Blunt trauma caused skin thickening Penile and scrotal skin Surgical excision and skin grafting Successful with no sign of recurrence
Kokcam et al. [19] Acquired (inferred) 19 years old with 3-year history Multiple translucent and hemorrhagic vesicles on shaft and glans of penis. Surface was smooth, some umbilicated Pt refused surgical intervention, advised to avoid mechanical trauma, apply silver sulfadiazine cream to ruptured lesions No new lesions, overall number of lesions declined markedly with no other complications
Latifoglu et al. [22] Acquired (inferred) 10 years old with 6-year history Penoscrotal lymphedema with erythematous plaque (irregular, well-defined border) on penile shaft and gelatinous-appearing, coalescent, verrucous vesicles and papules on scrotum Surgical resection Successful with no sign of recurrence
Maloudijan et al. [26] Acquired (inferred) 50 years old with 10-year history Asymptomatic, 2 mm large vesicular lesions in sulcus coronarius from adjacent foreskin and glans Patient abstained
Cestaro et al. [23] Acquired (inferred) 24 years old HPV - genotype 6 comorbidity Lesions on inguinal area, scrotum, penis, glans with associated edema of penis and lips Surgery Successful with no recurrence
Shi G. et al. [7] Acquired [inferred] 23 years old with 40-day history Circumcision following phimosis 5 years ago Asymptomatic translucent, yellowish, elevated, thick walled cystic lesions on right side of glans 2940 nm nonablative fractional Er:YAG laser at 2–3 week intervals with power density of 3 J/cm2 at 20 ms and a 5 mm spot size Lesions disappeard obviously after 4 sessions, no recurrence, dyspigmentation and paresthesia
Shah A. et al. [24] Acquired [inferred] 11 years old with few month history Asymptomatic, soft mass on dorsal aspect of penis with extension towards right hemiscrotum Local surgical resection Recurrence 11 months following surgery
Bardazzi et al. [25] Acquired [inferred] 45 years old Sulcus of prepuce Diathermy Successful with no sign of recurrence
Llanes et al. [16] Cavernous 20 years old Soft lesion in dorsal area of prepuce Circumcision Successful with no sign of recurrence
Hayashi et al. [17] Cavernous 32 years old Tumor on coronary sulcus of glans and submucosa
Cavernous 35 years old Tumor on coronary sulcus of glans and submucosa
Geuekdjian et al. [27] Circumscriptum 3 years old Congenital [inferred] Asymptomatic, edematous swelling of penis particularly in skin spreading upwards to left groin En bloc resection Successful with no sign of recurrence
Demir et al. [18] Circumscriptum 21 years old with history since childhood Congenital [inferred] Recurrent infections, drainage of vascular lesions, penoscrotal deformity and inability to have sexual intercourse Surgical excision Successful, no sign of remission
Ferro et al. [3] Circumscriptum 16 years old Congenital [inferred] Tense vesicles filled with clear fluid on coronal region 3 surgeries - remission every time. Denuded penis buried in tunnel guided through scrotum, 6 months after - shaft lift and recreated with scrotal skin No negative consequences, local hairiness treated cosmetically
Osborne et al. [14] Circumscriptum 45 years old Lichen planus - treated with cryotherapy Cluster of translucent vesicles on shaft of penis and coronal sulcus. Balanomegaly. Treatment declined
Tsur et al. [28] Circumscriptum 8 month old Congenital [inferred] asymptomatic elevated lesions on glans penis around meatus and dorsal aspect of penis Surgical excision Successful with no sign of recurrence
Drago et al. [12] Circumscriptum 27 years old Ulceritive colitis  
Handa et al. [29] Circumscriptum 10 years old with 9 year history Congenital [inferred] Penis, scrotum, groins bilaterally
Swanson et al. [13] Circumscriptum 16 years old Recurrent cellulitis of the penis and scrotum Subcutaneous tissue of penis proximal to glans and skin of left proximal scrotum
Greiner et al. [15] Circumscriptum cysticum 13 years old Congenital malformation Edematous thickening of penile and scrotal skin
  1. A summary of penile lymphangioma cases reported in the literature