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Fig. 2

From: Patterns of residual HIV-1 RNA shedding in the seminal plasma of patients on effective antiretroviral therapy

Fig. 2

HIV shedding patterns of patients with isolated HIV seminal shedding. Diagram and chronological description of the paired blood and seminal virus loads for the 22 subjects who had at least once paired NBVL and PSVL (isolated HIV seminal shedding, shedders). The year when the first antiretroviral treatment of each subject was initiated is indicated in the second column and the years of follow-up after this date are numbered 1 to 14 on the first line. Orange bars indicate the initiation of the antiretroviral regimen used during follow-up and the antiretroviral drug combination is specified just before the orange bar. Each coloured case represents the result of one pair of blood and seminal viral loads: Grey cases indicate no HIV-1 RNA detected in either blood or seminal plasma (NBVL + NSVL), red cases indicate isolated seminal shedding (NBVL + PSVL), green cases indicate a blood plasma HIV-1 detected without seminal shedding (PBVL + NSVL) and blue cases indicate HIV-1 RNA detected in both blood and seminal plasma. Thus, patient 1 gave 15 pairs of samples during years 6 to 8 of ART, but only one of them was NBVL + PSVL. Abbreviations: 3TC (lamivudine), ABC (abacavir), ATZ (atazanavir), AZT (zidovudine), d4T (stavudine), ddI (didanosine), EFV (efavirenz), FTC (emticitabine), IDV (indinavir), LPV (lopinavir), NFV (nelfinavir), rtv (ritonavir), SQV (saquinavir), TDF (tenofovir). NSVL (Negative Seminal Virus Load), PSVL (Positive Seminal Virus Load), NBVL (Negative Blood Virus Load), PBVL (Positive Blood Virus Load)

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