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Table 1 Investigations focused on the diagnostic value of PLCζ in human sperm

From: “This is where it all started” – the pivotal role of PLCζ within the sophisticated process of mammalian reproduction: a systemic review

Reference Population PLCζ related Findings
Yoon et al., 2008 [58] Recurrent failed ICSI Absent
Grasa et al., 2008 [37] Fertile participants Variable localization in uncapacitated and capacitated sperm
Heytens et al., 2009 [32] Infertile patients Low expression or abnormal forms
Yelumalai et al., 2015 [57] Infertile patients Low expression and specific localization patterns
Escoffier et al., 2015 [56] Globozoospermia Absent or extremely reduced expression