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Fig. 2

From: Ultrastructural localization and distribution of Nardilysin in mammalian male germ cells

Fig. 2

Immunogold electron micrographs of Nardilysin in wild-type mouse in late spermatids. a and b Longitudinal sections of step 16 spermatid. a Mid piece region of the flagellum, close to the Head. Gold particles are mostly distributed over the central microtubular component (arrow) (X 31 000). b At the beginning of the proximal region, the strong labelling of the microtubules is obvious (arrows). No labelling was noticed on the annulus (X 31 000). In the caput epididymis, cross sections of the flagellum, present in the lumen of the tubules, are immunoreactive. c In the midpiece region, the gold particles are distributed over the microtubules doublets and the central singulets. PM, plasma membrane; ODF, outer dense fibers; FS, fibrous sheath; M, mitochondria (X 85 500). d In the distal portion of the flagellum, the intense labelling of the microtubules underlines their specific organization (X 84 000)

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