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Table 1 Causes of penile Mondor’s disease

From: Penile Mondor’s disease

Traumatic etiology Infectious etiology Surgical etiology Oncologic etiology Other
• Causes of the disease include frequent, severe, and prolonged sexual intercourse • Syphilis • Repair of inguinal hernia • Cancer in the pelvic region • Use of intracavernous drugs
• Penile trauma • Candida infections • Orchiopexy • Metastatic pancreas cancer and migratory phlebitides due to paraneoplastic syndromes • Abuse of intravenous drugs
• Prolonged sexual abstinence • Distant infections • Varicoselectomy   • Tendency to thrombosis
• Use of vacuum • History of sexually transmitted diseases    • Thrombophilia
• Body building exercises • Behçet’s disease    • Venous occlusion caused by filled bladder